If you would like to support the work of the Global Center for Latvian Art, please consider making a financial donation.

Swedbank account: HABALV22. Account number: LV86 HABA 0551030475675

-Thank you for your support!

If you are in possession of artwork that was created by a Latvian artist living abroad and would like to donate to our collection, please cut and paste the following form and email a completed version of it with accompanying digital images of the artwork to our collection committee care of The collection committee reviews all proposed donations.


Center for Latvian Art in Cesis

(Pasaules latviešu mākslas centrs, Cēsīs, or PLMC)

Name of donor: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________

e-mail: _______________________________________________________________________

Description of art work, including:

Artist’s name: ________________________________________________________________

Medium: _____________________________________________________________________

Title of work: ________________________________________________________________

Date: ______________________ Size: _____________________________________________

Present condition of the work (i.e., excellent, damaged, needs cleaning, etc.)


Who is the legal owner of the work?


How was this work obtained?

__I am the creator of the work

__Purchased from artist (if purchased, state purchase price)

__Purchased from someone other than the artist


__Received as gift

__Other: _____________________________________________________________________

If known, state appraised value:  ______________________

Donor’s assurances:

I certify that I am the legal owner or authorized agent for the owner of this work, and that this artwork is free of any liens or other encumbrances.  I agree to donate the above-described work to the Center for Latvian Art in Cesis, without restrictions on the future disposition of the work, which the Center may choose to exhibit at its discretion.

__Upon acceptance, I agree to ship the work to the Center for Latvian Art in Cesis (unless other arrangements have been made).


 _________________________Signature Date